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AM1758 Gradient PRT
·    Vertical gradient measurement of dry block/dry well
·    6 mm sensing element
·    Temperature range: -200 °C to 670 °C
·    Short term stability: ±0.003 °C at 0.01°C

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AM1758 is specifically designed to measure vertical gradients of dry blocks or dry wells. The length of the replica watches uk sensing element is only 6 mm, which allows AM1758 to measure detailed temperature changes inside the dry wells with pin point precision.
The short sensing element has adopted many of AccuMac’s PRT technologies to offer a high level of replica omega watches stability across the temperature range from -200 °C to 670 °C. A uniquely designed support structure and filling material provides excellent balance between the hysteresis effect, mechanical shock and thermal shock performance.
It has long been a challenge for temperature calibration labs across the world to measure gradient of a dry block. With a 6 mm sensing element, AM1758 meets challenge and requirement such as one from The Euramet Calibration Guide CG-13 Version 3.0 “CALIBRATION OF TEMPERATURE BLOCK CALIBRATORS”
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