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Temperature Sensors/Probes
AccuMac produces a full line of temperature probes/sensors, including Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs), Secondary Reference PRTs, Precision Industrial PRTs, Reference Standard Thermocouples and Precision Thermocouples. Because we have full controls over the design and manufacture process we can make these temperature probes/sensors with customized specifications to meet our customer’s needs.

  AM1960/1950 Quartz SPRTs
  AM1880 Metal-Sheath SPRT
  AM1968 Capsule SPRT
  AM1860/1850 Metal SPRTs
  AM1760/1762 Secondary SPRTs
Secondary Reference PRT>>
  AM1751 Secondary Reference PRT
  AM1730 Secondary Reference PRT
  AM1710 Secondary Reference PRT
Precision Industrial PRT>>
  AM1660/1640/1620 Precision Industrial PRTs
  AM1610 Precision Industrial PRT
Full Immersion PRT>>
  AM1612 Full Immersion PRT
  AM1643 Full Immersion PRT
Gradient PRT>>
  AM1758 Gradient PRT
Reference Standard Thermocouple>>
  AM1210 Type S Reference Standard Thermocouple
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